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I love to express the special moments of everyday life through art. At a young age, I was encouraged to explore the world through different forms of creative arts and had soon developed a special connection with clay, which has continued to be my favourite art medium to this day. 


My early anthropological training has inspired me to see and experience different cultures with an open mind. Having travelled extensively around the world, I have come to value the importance of preserving traditional wisdoms through art and education.


As a ceramic artist, I try to implement different elements of traditional art and craftsmanship in my work as a personal effort to revive the many cultural wisdoms that are being lost in our fast changing world today. 


As a ceramic instructor and a teacher, I believe that creativity matters in everything we do. By sharing my creative experience, I wish to pass on the important skills and values of craftsmanship to the younger generation and encourage them to lead a more meaningful life with an open heart.    



  Cassie Chan

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